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How Old is Your Pet, Really?

Waiting one year between wellness exams and screenings isn’t usually a big deal for humans. We age relatively slowly, so it often takes a while for disease processes and ailments to set in and present themselves. Animals age rather rapidly, though, so a year is a long time when it comes to the health of […]

Senior Wellness Specials Continue!

If you have a dog over seven or a cat over nine and you haven’t taken advantage of our terrific senior wellness packages yet, you still have time! Pets age much more rapidly than people, which means diseases progress faster as well. Twice-yearly exams and blood tests are highly recommended so your vet can keep […]

Senior Discounts for You, Human!

Thank you for being a friend! At Circle L Animal Hospital, September is Senior Discount Month, which means that all of our senior clients 65 and older will receive a 10 percent discount* on all services for their pets, all month long! Our services include: • Acupuncture • Boarding • Canine rehabilitation • Laser surgery […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane and Need to Board Your Pet?

We have great boarding specials* for the month of August at Circle L Animal Hospital. So, if you are leaving town and need a place for your best friend to stay, you’re in luck! Check out our specials below. • Get 50 PERCENT off one additional night stay if you’re boarding with us for three […]

Save This Month on Blood Parasite Testing

At Circle L Animal Hospital, August is Blood Parasite Test Month, which means that YOU save money! If you bring your best friend in for a blood test this month, you will save 15 percent on your bill. This promo includes testing for: • Heartworms • Tick fever • Lyme diseases • Anaplasmosis Annual tests […]

Meet Rosie, an Inspiration to Us All!

This adorable doggie Rosie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in August of 2017. Her family took her to a specialist in Phoenix, and after an examination, the doctor stated, “If we do an operation, we don’t think we can make her any better than she is. Therapy and exercise would probably be the best thing […]

Thank You to Our Brave Military!

In a show of support for protecting the United States, Circle L Animal Hospital will be offering 10 percent off all services to our military clients for the entire month of July! We appreciate everything that these brave men and women do for our country and community. We just want to say “thank you” to […]

What You Need to Know About Canine Influenza

A canine influenza outbreak that was sparked at dog shows in Florida and Georgia last month has killed three dogs in the Southeastern United States recently. While only eleven states have seen this H3N2 strain of the virus so far, because it’s so contagious, authorities are expecting it to continue to spread widely. Dogs that […]

Leptospirosis Outbreak: Vaccinate Your Dogs

Leptospirosis cases are on the rise in our area. Leptospirosis is a highly contagious zoonotic disease, meaning it can easily pass from animals to humans and vice versa. It’s transmitted most commonly through urine and contaminated water. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms: Lethargy Vomiting Diarrhea Weakness Tremors and/or shaking Fever If your […]

Summer Foxtail Danger

The foxtail plant is a hidden summertime danger to pets. Once inhaled, the barbed seeds of these common grass-like plants can travel through your pet’s respiratory system, where they become lodged in place, causing internal damage. Foxtails can also become embedded in the skin, eyes and ears, or enter the digestive tract. The shape of […]