Circle L Animal Hospital Client Savings

Circle Animal Hospital is proud to offer monthly client savings on veterinary care. Please contact us through our contact form, phone number, or PetDesk to learn more.
Circle L Animal Hospital - client specials

Client Savings


  • Between January and March, we offer boarding specials for your pet. Whether you’re out for the day or the weekend, we offer discounted pricing to help board your pet.
  • Between April and June, we offer summer prevention packages for your pet. Keep your pet protected from parasites!
  • Between July and September, we offer senior wellness packages for our older patients.
  • Dental special will only be for October and November and then again for February and March.

Please contact us to learn more about our quarterly specials.

Senior Wellness Packages
(July – Sept)

  • From now until September 30th, you’ll save on wellness packages for your senior furry friend! We have three packages available:
  • PACKAGE 1 – WITH 10% SAVINGS: Exam, Senior Wellness Lab Work – includes Chemistries, CBC, Urinalysis and Thyroid testing, Nail Trim, Anal Glands
  • PACKAGE 2 – WITH 15% SAVINGS: Exam, Senior Wellness Lab Work, 2 Radiographs, Nail Trim, Anal Glands
  • PACKAGE 3 – WITH 25% SAVINGS: Exam, Senior Wellness Lab Work, Choice of: Tonometry or ECG or Blood Pressure, 4 Radiographs, Nail Trim, Anal Glands
  • Please Note: Your pet does not need to be a senior to take advantage of these package deals!
  • Call (928) 636-4421 for more information and to purchase!

Summer Prevention Package (Ends August 31, 2022)

Know who else loves to be on the move when it’s warmer? Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes! Problem is, their favorite vacation spot is your pet…and you, if they get close enough.

By purchasing the below package, you will receive a 10% discount! Valid until August 31st, 2022.

  • Fecal Exam: Fecal exams are used to determine if your dog or cat has intestinal parasites such as hookworms or roundworms.
  • AccuPlex™4 Test: Detects heartworm antigen and antibodies, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and ehrlichiosis in dogs.
  • 6-months of Interceptor: Protects against four intestinal parasites and prevents heartworm disease.
  • 6-months of Credelio: Chewable that protects your dog from fleas & ticks.
  • Call (928) 636-4421 for more information and to purchase!

About Our Client Savings Program

Circle L is proud to offer the best possible Veterinary care at the best cost to our clients. We offer bi-monthly promotions focused on Preventative Health Care Packages in order to keep your furry friends healthy, a monthly savings pick, and also ongoing Acupuncture, Massage, and Laser Therapy (Pain Management Packages) packages to help the pet population reach a Pain-Free Tomorrow! We also have an amazing referral program too! Please click on the different options below to learn more.