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We’re pleased to offer the best services in our Chino Valley Veterinary Clinic.
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Veterinary Services in Chino Valley, AZ

At Circle L Animal Hospital, our motto is “Where East Meets West for Care at Its Best”—which means we are an integrated practice committed to using the best of both conventional veterinary medicine along with effective complementary therapies such as acupuncture, laser therapy, herbal medicine, and veterinary chiropractic. Check out the detailed information below about the comprehensive veterinary services we offer—and if you have questions or want to make an appointment, just give us a call!

Pet Acupuncture


Acupuncture is used to assist the body in healing itself by correcting body imbalances.

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We provides a safe, comfortable, clean and loving environment for your furry family member while you are away.

Circle L Vet Services - physical therapy

Pet Canine Rehabilitation

This helps improve quality of life for pets affected by age-related and pets recovering from injury or disease.

Pet Vaccination

Pet Vaccines

Ensure your pet’s well-being at Circle L Animal Hospital. Timely vaccinations protect young immune systems, a crucial step for lifelong health.

Circle L Vet - pet diagnostics

Pet In-House Diagnostics

We offer the newest and quickest in-clinic diagnostics for our patients, with the addition of Bionote’s Vcheck V200.

Circle L Vet Service - pet laser surgery

Laser Surgery

Laser replace the use of a scalpel during surgery and cut with precision through tissue by vaporizing the water in tissues.

Circle L Vet Services - Laser Therapy

Pet Laser Therapy

Circle L Animal Hospital is proud to offer the cutting edge technology of Laser Therapy.

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Pet Pain Management

Patient comfort and safety rank among the highest priorities in veterinary healthcare.

Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care

Regular dental hygiene routine—one that includes at-home care and dental cleanings.

Preventative Care for Cats

Preventative Care for Cats

This is a cat’s first line of defense. Annual exams help by preventing, diagnosing and treating disease in its early stages

Preventative Care for Dogs

Preventative Care for Dogs

This is a dog’s first line of defense. Annual exams help by preventing, diagnosing and treating disease in its early stages,

Circle L Vet - Animal breeding

Pet Reproductive Services

Our facility prioritizes patient safety and reproductive success, earning our trusted reputation within the community.

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Senior PET cARE

Just like people, the medical needs of senior pets change over time. In fact, pets age at nearly seven times the rate humans do.

Circle L Animal Hospital - Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery

We proud to offer laser surgery as a progressive new option for clients who want one of the safest and least painful treatments for their pets.

Circle L Animal Hospital - pet chinese herbal medicine

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine 

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) is an ancient practice that has been used to treat animals.