What Makes Us Different?

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Circle L Animal Hospital is committed to helping your pet have as many healthy, happy years with you as possible—which is why we provide comprehensive, integrated veterinary care that not only includes conventional medicine but the best of complementary therapies as well.

This means in addition to the cornerstones of preventive care, advanced diagnostics, medications and surgical services, we are also skilled in using acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, herbal medicine, and other holistic, supplementary treatments to help your pet heal and live a balanced, healthy life.

All pets are different, just like people. We find that customizing a plan for your animal companion will yield the best results. The more options we have in addition to conventional veterinary care, the better the chance for a positive outcome. You can click on the links above to read more about a particular service and you’re always welcome to contact us with questions.

Make an appointment online or call us at (928) 636-4421 to set up a consultation so we can begin to develop a plan for your pet’s health and well-being!

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