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We Offer Telemedicine

To make sure our clients, staff, and patients stay as safe and healthy as possible, we are starting to utilize telemedicine for appointments with the Google Duo app. While not suitable for urgent or emergency care, telemedicine is easy and convenient to use for follow-up care, allergies, coughs, diabetic care, gastrointestinal problems, medication refills, hospice care, parasite prevention and treatment and more. The details are as follows:

  • Each appointment cost is $45 per 30 minutes. Payment for appointment will be issued when scheduling the telemedicine appointment.
  • Download Google Duo prior to your appointment. At your appointment time, Circle L will call you through the Google Duo app.
  • Structure of the appointment: First you will share your pet’s history with a Vet Tech. A Doctor will then join the call and make recommendations for your pet.
  • If a curbside appointment is recommended, the exam fee will be $20.
  • If we prescribe medication, you will be able to pick-up medicine curbside at the hospital.

Questions? Just give us a call at (928) 636-4421.

The Circle L Animal Hospital Team