This adorable doggie Rosie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in August of 2017. Her family took her to a specialist in Phoenix, and after an examination, the doctor stated, “If we do an operation, we don’t think we can make her any better than she is. Therapy and exercise would probably be the best thing for her.”

Her family turned to Dr. Armstrong at Circle L Animal Hospital, and they set up a meeting with her to see what the next step would be. Dr. Armstrong advised that they start water treadmill exercises twice a week at 4 Paws Rehabilitation, with additional different workouts at home six days a week, twice daily.

Rosie, ever a good girl, has been responsive and accepted all of the exercises. She is very smart and learns quickly, and as a result, her hips have gotten stronger and she is walking normally now. Thanks to her work at 4 Paws Rehabilitation, Rosie now has no problems of resuming her duties as a faithful guard dog and keeping the birds out of her yard!