Keeping up with the cleanliness of your pet’s teeth and their overall dental health can save your pet years of pain, disease and lost teeth. Even by age three, many animals have already started showing signs of periodontal disease, which can eventually bring about infection and serious illness if left untreated.

You and your pet are lucky, though, because you have the veterinarians at Circle L to not only keep you informed about what’s happening in your pet’s mouth, but to give you the discounts you deserve to make your pet’s routine dental visits a little more manageable.

In celebration of November being Dental Health Month at Circle L Animal Hospital, we are offering 15% off any and all dental cleanings when completed by the end of the month! Call us today at (928) 756-2379 to schedule your pet’s appointment so we can keep their mouth healthy for years to come!

The best dental care your pet can get is at your pet’s primary veterinarian—which just so happens to be us!

With all this talk of how important it is to keep good care of your four-legged family member’s teeth, we’d also like to stress how much the location of these dental procedures matters. While we certainly have good prices for our clients here at Circle L, there are other clinics offering dental care for much cheaper. But amazing prices do not necessarily mean good quality or integrity on the part of the specialist practice.

Often, the price that pet owners will be quoted at a dental care specialist, won’t include many of the periphery costs, such as the blood screening that’s required for pets to go under anesthesia, the anesthesia itself, or any potential extractions that will need to be made.

Anesthesia is of great importance when it comes to anything having to do with your pet’s teeth. In fact, both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) consider cleaning a companion animal’s teeth without general anesthesia unacceptable. That’s why we make sure at Circle L Animal Hospital to perform only anesthetic dentals and other procedures, which always begins with blood work to verify that your pet is well enough for anesthesia.

Choosing to complete dental exams and procedures right here with your regular veterinarian also provides a certain degree of innate comfort for you and your pet. Our doctors are not only board-certified dental specialists, but they know your pet’s personality and full health history. You trust us—and your furry family member feels comfortable in our office. Plus, should your pet need extractions, a root canal or other more involved dental surgery, we can handle it right here without the expense, stress and inconvenience of a second procedure or a different location.

Combined, Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Card have over 30 years of experience conducting pet dental cleanings. When your pets get their teeth cleaned at Circle L Animal Hospital, there’s no question about the level of health care they receive. Coming through our doors, you can always be sure that your animal companions will be cared for by compassionate, thorough and well-trained veterinarians and technicians.